Using an Emergency Eyewash Station

RCS Northvale, located in NJ, provides a wide array of cleaning products for clients in a variety of industries. Under the leadership of Jason Rubach, the company president, RCS Northvale sells many types of safety equipment, including eyewash stations.

An eyewash station is highly recommended, or even required, in certain types of work settings. Should certain substances or chemicals come in contact with the eye, timely use of an eyewash station can minimize discomfort and reduce the risk of permanent damage or complications. When waiting for emergency personnel to arrive, the use of an eyewash station can help control the situation and reduce pain.

To use an eyewash station effectively, the person should attempt to hold his or her eyes open while placing them under the stream of water. The eyewash station is designed to create a steady flow of water that effectively removes the chemical or substance, while at the same time being gentle enough on the eye’s surface so as not to hurt the eye. The person should remain at the station, flushing his or her eyes, until medical emergency workers provide further instructions.