How to Clean the Inside of a Computer

Based in Northvale, NJ, RCS sells cleaning equipment and janitorial products applicable in a wide array of environments, including construction and industrial workspaces in NJ and beyond. Under the direction of its president, Jason Rubach, RCS Northvale also stocks an extensive selection of supplies used to clean computers, such as compressed air, screen cleaners, and lens cleaners for optical drives.

The inside of a computer case is a breeding ground for dirt and dust bunnies, but many users rarely or never clean in there, as it seems like a big hassle. However, users can clean their computers with a minimum level of investment.

To clean a case, power off the computer and remove all cords and cables. Unscrew the case, taking care to place the screws in a safe place. Set the case aside and situate the computer upright on a smooth, flat surface. Now take a can of compressed air, insert the accompanying straw, and squeeze the trigger in short bursts. Target drive bays, clumps of wires, and the crevices between fans.

A can of air cannot remove every last speck of dust from fans, which collect dust and should be cleaned regularly. To finish what the compressed air started, take a piece of lint-free cloth and wipe down the fan blades. Use the same cloth and a dab of rubbing alcohol to clean the inside of the case, and reassemble the tower in a cleaner, safer state.